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The Farmers State Bank of Danforth takes the health of its employees and customers very seriously.  As such, we will temporarily limit lobby access at our locations.  We understand that access to your bankers and your money is important to you.  As such, drive thru services will be open, and personal bankers, lenders and all bank services will remain available by phone or appointment.  To schedule an appointment, please contact the Danforth Branch at (815) 269-2570 or the Aroma Park Branch at (815) 939-9458.  We also encourage you to take advantage of our ATMs and full suite of online products at  We will continue to monitor conditions and will work to return to our typical lobby access as soon as possible. 




General Bill Pay

How much does it cost?
Online Bill Pay is FREE.
Do I have to be enrolled for Online Banking to use Bill Pay?
Yes. You must be enrolled for Internet Banking before you can sign up for Bill Pay.
How do I add and pay a bill?
To get ready have your paper bill handy.
  • 1. Click on the "Add Company or Person" button.
  • 2. Search for your biller. If you don’t find your biller, you’ll need to enter their information.
  • 3. Enter your account number from your bill.
  • 4. Fill in the address you’d mail your payment to.
  • 5. Schedule a payment.
  • 6. Select Payee.
  • 7. Enter payment amount.
  • 8. Select date you want payee to receive money.
  • 9. Click Send Money.
Congratulations you have successfully paid your first bill!
How do I delete a bill?
  • Deleting a bill is simple.
  • Sign into your Online Bill Pay.
  • Navigate to Bill Pay and go to the Payment Center.
  • Select the Company or Person and click on the "Details" link.
  • Select the "Remove" option and save.
Will I be able to see my payment history?
  • Yes, your payment history is available to view for up to 2 years. You can locate your history by selecting the "Activity" tab in the Payment Center.
How will I know if my bill was paid through Online Bill Pay?
  • To see if payments have been paid, select the "Activity" tab. You can also view the bill details by clicking on a payee in the Payment Center which will let you know the type of payment sent and if the payment has been received.
Who can I pay with Online Bill Pay?
  • You can pay almost anyone in the United States: national bank card companies, mortgage or auto loan companies, department stores, your landscaper or the babysitter.
  • However, individuals or businesses outside the United States and its territories are not eligible for Bill Pay services. Tax payments and court-ordered payments can be made with Bill Pay, but they are not covered by the CheckFree Guarantee.
Can I be notified about a scheduled payment once it has been made?
  • You can set up "Reminders" and have the option to receive email notifications when a bill is due, if a bill has not been paid by the due date, and when a payment has been sent.
How secure is Online Bill Pay?
  • Online Bill Pay is fully secure. We use multiple layers of online security to protect financial and personal information.

If you need assistance, call Online Bill Pay Support at
844-596-1503 between the hours of 6:00 AM – 12:00 AM CT, 7 days a week.

Scheduling Payment

Can I schedule a bill to be paid on a weekend or holiday?
No. In Online Bill Pay, only business days will show as available pay dates. If you have an automatic payment that falls on a weekend or federal holiday that payment will automatically be adjusted to the closest business day. For example, if your automatic payment is scheduled for Saturday, it will automatically be rescheduled for the Friday before.
How many days in advance do I have to set up a payment before the day I want my bill paid?
You will need to schedule your payment at least 1 business day before the payment due date for electronic payments and at least 3 business days prior to the payment due date for paper check payments. The Bill Pay system will automatically tell you the earliest delivery date that your payment can be received. You can select any valid payment date between the earliest date, and up to 365 days in the future.
Can I customize my reminders?
Yes, you can choose how many days before the due date you want to receive them, when the bill is received, how much is due, and which e-mail reminders you want (when payment is due, when payment starts processing, and if payment is not paid by the due date).
How do I stop getting reminders?
Click on the “Reminders” button for the payee you want to stop getting reminders for. At the bottom of the new box that appears, choose “Stop Reminders”. You can also change reminders on this page.
How do I set up reminders?
Click the “Reminders” button for the payee you want to set up reminders for and click “Set Up Reminders”. Answer all the questions and choose all the options that fit your needs.

Automatic Payments

What is the difference between eBill automatic payment and a recurring payment?
If you are receiving an electronic version of your paper statement in your Online Bill Pay account, you can set up an eBill initiated automatic payment. This means Online Bill Pay will automatically pay your electronic bill when it is delivered. Remember, any changes made to an eBill automatic payment will take effect on the next eBill received. A non-eBill automatic payment (also referred to as a recurring payment) allows you to simply pay a set amount at a set frequency for a set period of time.
How do I change an automatic payment?
From the Payment Center, locate the Company or Person for whom you want to create a change, click on the "AutoPay" link and select "Change AutoPay Options." You may also click on "Stop AutoPay" to cancel the automatic payment.
How is canceling an automatic (recurring payment) different than just canceling a payment?
To cancel automatic payments, also referred to as recurring payments, sign into the Payment Center, select the payee, click on the "AutoPay" link and select "Stop AutoPay." To cancel a payment, sign into to the Payment Center. On the right side of the screen, you will see Pending Payments, chose a payee, and click on the "Cancel" link. If the cancel link is not showing in the pending payment, the payment may already be in process.

If you need assistance, call Online Bill Pay Support at
844-596-1503 between the hours of 6:00 AM – 12:00 AM CT, 7 days a week.

Payment Processing

Do you guarantee my bill will be paid on time?
Thanks to the CheckFree Guarantee, you can be assured that your payments are safe and will be on time. You are covered for any payment-related charges (up to $50), as long as you scheduled the payment according to the services terms and conditions. This means that the payment must be scheduled with a delivery date on or before the actual due date (excluding grace periods), with the correct address and account number. Payments made for taxes, court orders, or as part of an investment are not covered by the CheckFree Guarantee.
If you need assistance, call Online Bill Pay Support at 844-596-1503 between the hours of 6:00 AM – 12:00 AM CT, 7 days a week.
How will I know if a payment is made electronically or by check?
We attempt to make all payments electronically, but some payees require paper checks. For small business customers, any payment that requires additional invoice information will be sent as a paper check. On the right side of the Payment Center screen, in Pending Payments or Recent Payments, you can click on the amount to see the method of payment.
Can I stop, cancel or edit a payment?
To stop a payment before your deliver by date, sign into your Online Bill Pay account, go to the Payment Center. On the right hand side under Pending Payments, click on the "Change" link for the payment you'd like to change to edit. If you'd like to stop your payment after the delivery date please call Online Bill Pay Support at 844-596-1503 with your payment details. An agent will advise you if it is possible to stop or cancel your payment and if a fee applies for the stop payment.
How long does it take for a company I am paying to receive a payment?
If your payee accepts electronic payments, in most cases the payment is made the next business day. If the payee only accepts checks, your payment will be sent out 3-5 days prior to your selected deliver date. This is the typical time it takes for the payee to receive the payment. When you enter an amount, Bill Pay automatically displays the earliest date you can select for the payee to receive the payment. You can either accept this date or change it to a later one. Some companies may offer an expedited service for payments that need to be received as soon as possible. For these payments, the calendar will allow an earlier date to be selected and add a small fee to the bill amount. If you see this fee and did not mean to make an expedited payment, choose a later payment date.
How do I find my payment history?
You can view payment history through the "Activity" tab from the Payment Center, or by clicking on the "Activity" link of a company or individual.

If you need assistance, call Online Bill Pay Support at
844-596-1503 between the hours of 6:00 AM – 12:00 AM CT, 7 days a week.


What are eBills and how do they work?
eBills are electronic versions of your paper bills (when available) delivered directly to your Online Bill Pay account. You will no longer have to wait to receive your bills in the mail or sign into a company's site. With most companies, you can choose to receive electronic bills or paper bills. If you want to receive both, you will need to request this directly from the company. Another option is to print your bills from your Online Bill Pay account.
How do I view and pay my eBill?
A company offering eBills will appear in the Payment Center with a "Get Bill" icon to the left hand side of the company name. To pay an eBill, click on the icon and follow the on screen instructions to view/pay your eBill.
How do I request an eBill?
Billers offering eBills will appear in the Payment Center with a "Get Bill" icon to the left hand side of the Biller name. Click on that icon, and it will ask you to answer a few simple questions, and your request will be sent.
How do I review an eBill?
You can review by going to Payment Center and click on the "Activity" link associated with the company.
How do I file an eBill?
If you pay an eBill through any payment channel outside of the eBill option, you will need to file the current eBill so that the status will read Paid. To file an e-bill:
  • Access your Online Bill Pay Account
  • Click the Activity tab from the top menu bar
  • Locate the payment that shows the status as Unpaid
  • Click on View Details under the "Action" Section
  • Click File Bill
  • Select how the payment was made, and then click "File Bill"
  • Click "Save Changes"
How do I cancel an eBill?
To cancel an eBill, select the company from the list, and choose the option to cancel electronic version of this bill. The eBill will be immediately cancelled and your biller will be notified.
How do I set up an automatic payment for my eBill?
Once you start receiving your eBill, you can set up automatic payments. Automatic payments are scheduled once the eBill is received, but you maintain the control to change the payment any time until the payment is sent To set up an automatic payment, go to the Payment Center, select the payee, and chose "AutoPay." Once your automatic payment is set up, an AutoPay and eBill icon will both appear next to the company. You can set it and forget it!


What are the advantages of using Popmoney to send money?
  • It’s ideal for sending money to friends, family members, or anyone you know.
  • All you need is their email address, or mobile number.
  • It’s fast – money is usually received in three business days.
How do I send money with Popmoney?
  • To send money to a person, simply enter their email address or mobile number, and the amount you want to send.
  • Or, if you've sent money previously, just select the person’s name from your send list and enter an amount.
How does the person receive money?
  • If the person you're sending money to is not registered with Popmoney, they will receive an email invitation to use the service and to claim the money.
  • Their financial institution does not have to offer Popmoney to receive and deposit money into their account.
How do I know they claimed the money sent?
  • You can track recent and pending transactions through your history.
  • Click “Activity” to track money you've sent or received. You can also see any pending transactions.
Where can I view all of the Popmoney transaction that I have made?
You can view these in the "Activity" tab. You'll see a consolidated version of all of your payment activity - bills, person-to-person transfers, and payment requests.
Is there a fee associated with Popmoney?
There may be fees for Popmoney depending upon the speed of payment delivery. You'll be presented what that fee is at the time you schedule the payment.
When will my Popmoney payment be received?
You'll have the ability to choose the speed of your payment when you schedule the payment. At that time, it will indicate when the recipient will receive the payment. Your recipient will receive a notification on the date you schedule it, however it may take 24-72 hours to appear in their checking account.

If you need assistance, call Online Bill Pay Support at
844-596-1503 between the hours of 6:00 AM – 12:00 AM CT, 7 days a week.

Lost Device?

What to do if I lose an enrolled Mobile Device?
You can deactivate the device by following these steps:
  • Log in to Online Banking with Farmers State Bank of Danforth and access Mobile Banking profile to the left under services then click on the Mobiliti button.
  • Select 'Manage Devices'.
  • Under the 'My Devices' tab, locate the phone number and select the option 'Stop using this device for Mobile Banking'.
  • Or call us at 815 - 269 - 2570.

Can’t find what you need?

 Call us at 815-269-2570 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.